GF4D’s global philosophy is to empower individuals and support the infrastructure of organizations to develop the fashion industry around the world. Since its founding in 2011, GF4D has launched several initiatives in line with its vision to improve lives in the developing world through fashion. These initiatives include the Global Fashion 4 Development Scholarship Program, the Charity International Fashion Fair, the Giving Back Bazaar, and the Global Fashion 4 Development Awards. To date, GF4D has awarded scholarships to future leaders in Ghana, Zambia, Indonesia, Mexico, and more. The World Fashion Grand Prize and the Charity International Fashion Fair are meaningful events that entice industry leaders and artists to step up their social contributions through the fashion industry to help the world’s underprivileged.

Scholarship Program


The Global Fashion 4 Development Scholarship is an ongoing award presented to aspiring designers and fashion creators in the developing world to help them build their skills, increase their business reach, and enhance their engagement with their local communities. GF4D believes that investing its resources in key future leaders of the fashion industry is a sustainable way of creating jobs and empowering impoverished communities.

Charity International Fashion Fair

The annual Charity International Fashion Fair is an artistic benefit event that calls attention to the power of fashion in promoting global development. At this event, world leaders, fashion industry icons, designers, models, and celebrities join together to celebrate important strides in the movement, while calling attention to the positive ways fashion can help promote economic growth, sustainable jobs, and better livelihoods for everyone around the world.

Giving Back Bazaar

An annual event, held during the Charity International Fashion Fair, that raises funds for the Scholarship program, and awareness through the donations of beautiful pieces of fashion, art and design. Members of the fashion industry, business leaders, artists, designers and models share their work and expertise as a way to raise money to causes that will help individuals and communities develop sustainable, reduce poverty and build better societies.

Global Fashion For Development Awards


Fashion and development go hand-in-hand! So an annual awards show is a spectacular way to showcase the amazing work that fashion leaders and icons have made in meeting targets to reduce poverty, promote education, and create sustainable jobs in the developing world. Each year, the Awards gala highlights the work of key individuals, while also providing an opportunity to display the work of major figures from the fashion industry.